Lessons from Climbing:           Believe! Success will Follow

I'm a climber.


Whether I'm on a mountain, or in a boardroom hammering out key strategic points, the reflexes and the mindset needed to pit oneself against the elements and come out on top are always there. 

Airlines need to enrich their Data with DATA

The answair dimensions: Deep, Agile, Traveler, Actionable

Big Data is the key for airlines to transition into retailers. Be it by using data for predictive analysis, surfacing data from the back end with open APIs, or capturing all data to manage the end-to-end customer view, data itself is allowing airlines to provide better services.

Airline Merchandising - Upsell, don't Upset 

Airline Merchandising's two main objectives are almost at odds with each other: increasing revenue per passenger while simultaneously enhancing the passenger experience.


Tnooz: Forget Mobile-First - Airlines are headed to Mobile Only!

I have a running bet that the next five years will see a major airline implement a “Web Fee” for travelers who choose to make a booking in a browser instead of the mobile app.


Sound far-fetched? Think again.

Airlines try to win passengers' hearts by keeping them better informed

answair CEO Philippe Der Arslanian quoted in Reuters article

* Passengers want information as early as possible


* More automatic rebooking needed to ease stress during delays